Peter F. Gontha
Vice President
Kadin Indonesia

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Mr. Gontha began his career in 1970 at the Shell Benelux Computer Center in the Netherlands. After five years, he became an Assistant Vice President at Citibank N.A. Through his career, Mr Gontha served at Vice President at various companies including American Express Bank and Bimantara Citra Group.

Mr. Gontha is the founder of several companies in Jakarta: Rajawall Citra Televisi Indonesia, Surya Citra Televisi, Bali Intercontinental Resort, P.T. Datakom Asia, and P.T. Jaring Data Interaktif.

Currently, Mr. Gontha is the Vice President of Kadin Indonesia and serves as a board member for organizations such as the National Economic Council.

He received a degree in Finance Accounting and Business Administration from the Praehap Institute in The Netherlands in 1972.

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